You strive for unconditional success, and when there’s a podium, you’re at the top. Our BILSTEIN EVO R race performance suspension is at your side: 100% motorsports DNA describes your driving genes.

  • Aluminium and lightweight construction – for more stability, faster cornering and quicker laps
  • Two totally personalized aluminium dials offer 100 possible damper settings – 10×10 Pro-Click adjustment lets you define rebound and bump separately and confidently for a completely personalized damper setup.
  • The art of hand-made engineering – in the finest motorsport manufacturing centre
  • Improved comfort and handling compared to the factory suspension.

Quicker on the curves and less swerving for faster laps

Weight is the enemy of speed. Our race performance suspensions take advantage of lightweight aluminium construction for faster cornering, improved stability, and quicker lap times.

10×10 Pro-Click adjustment

Nobody knows your car better than you. You know what your suspension needs to deliver on the street and the track. Our 10×10 Pro-Click adjustment lets you adjust rebound and bump control settings separately, allowing for 100 possible damper settings. Create your personalized setup with two aluminium dials, each with 10 distinct clicks. 100% easy-to-use and adjust after installation.


The art of hand-made engineering – in the finest motorsport manufacturing centre, just for you.


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