Castrol SRF Racing Brake Fluid


Castrol SRF Racing Brake Fluid is an ultra-high-performance product formulated specifically to satisfy the ever-increasing stresses placed upon the braking systems used in international motorsport. The exceptional performance of Castrol SRF is due to a novel silicon ester technology pioneered by Castrol and unique to the extent that it has been granted patent protection in numerous countries throughout the world.

Castrol SRF evolved as a direct result of Castrol’s ongoing Research and Development program for brake fluids which identified this silicon ester technology as providing considerable performance benefits when compared with conventional glycol ether borate ester fluids.

Following exhaustive laboratory tests at Castrol’s International Technology Centre in the UK, the final formulation for Castrol SRF was subjected to an extensive road-test program on the Gross Glockner and Stelvio passes high in the Austrian and Italian Alps. It then underwent an independent track test program conducted by a famous Formula One racing team. Their assessment was that “Castrol SRF is the best racing brake fluid we have ever used.”

Castrol SRF exceeds the US Federal Standards FMVSS 116 DOT 3 and DOT 4, ISO 4925, JIS K2233, and current SAE J1703 and is miscible with all conventional brake fluids conforming to these standards. However, mixing Castrol SRF and conventional brake fluids will reduce the benefits of Castrol SRF. It is strongly recommended that conventional brake fluid be drained from the system before flushing and re-filling with Castrol SRF.

The wet boiling point of Castrol SRF, 270 C, is vastly superior to the minimum requirement of 155 C demanded by the current US DOT 4 specification. The product’s typical dry boiling point of 320 C is likewise outstanding. This ability to withstand temperatures in excess of 300 C, and its superior resistance to the effects of absorbed water, have established Castrol SRF as the world’s premier fluid for the hydraulic brakes used in all forms of motorsport.

– Dry boiling point: 320°C.
– Wet boiling point: 270°C.
– Viscosity at -40°C: 1,300 mm²/s.
– Viscosity at 100°C: 3.5 mm²/s.



Recommended Service Life 18 Months MAX


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