GP-6 RC Helmet


The GP-6 RC is the flagship helmet of the Arai Helmet range. It incorporates the best Arai technology to meet the stringent FIA 8860-2010 standard which is compulsary in most high level FIA championships and highly recommended in junior formulae also, especially open cockpit categories. The GP-6 RC is constructed using a proprietary weave of carbon fiber that combines the existing light weight and high strength of carbon fiber with added flexibility which allows the helmet to flex on impact and not act like standard carbon fiber and splinter or shatter.

The GP-6 RC continues to feature the immense fit and comfort which Arai is known for but also has great aerodynamic properties and an excellent improved ventilation system, all of this proves why the GP-6 RC is the choice for top GP3, F2 and Formula 1 drivers. The ventilation system includes 5 air inlets. Two slots on the chin and three adjustable scoops on the crown.

All GP-6 RC helmets come standard with a PED set, Emergency Release System cheek pads, extra set of ventilation ducts and are fitted with HANS/FHR anchors.

FIA 8860-2010 & Snell SA2015 Approved


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