MOTUL RBF700 Racing Brake Fluid



Motul Racing Brake 700 500ml

Product Features:

MOTUL (Racing Brake Fluid) RBF 700 is a high-performance brake fluid developed to offer highly consistent and maximum braking power at extreme brake temperatures generated by carbon and ceramic racing brake discs systems. Allows minimizing air vents of the brakes thus improving aerodynamic drag. Can be used with conventional steel discs. Can be used for clutch systems actuators. RBF 700 meets DOT 4 standard allowing the fluid to be used in high-performance vehicles for everyday use road applications.

MOTUL RBF 700 FACTORY LINE very high dry boiling point (336°C / 636.8°F) is superior to all conventional brake fluids
DOT 5.1 (260°C / 500°F mini) and DOT 4 (230°C / 446°F mini), and therefore enables effective braking in most extreme
Provides better aerodynamic performance by reducing air entrance for brake cooling.
Efficient when rainy:
MOTUL RBF 700 FACTORY LINE very high wet boiling point (205°C / 401°F) is superior to conventional brake fluids DOT
5.1 non-silicone base (180°C / 356°F mini) and DOT 4 (155°C / 311°F mini), and therefore enables to keep efficient braking
in wet conditions.
Brake fluids tend to absorb humidity from the air, which reduces boiling point and increases the risk to get to “vapour lock”
The wet boiling point is measured by humidifying the product with 3% of water.


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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm


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